May 2023 — Iceberg Community News

2 min readMay 31, 2023

Iceberg updates

Apache Iceberg 1.3 was released.

Spark now supports the Iceberg UUID type as a string type, ensuring compatibility with tables created using Trino. Some additional noteworthy updates are mentioned below:

  • Flink version 1.17 support was added
  • Spark version 3.4 support was added
  • Added support for Spark’s new TIMESTAMP_NTZ type using Iceberg’s TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIMEZONE. #7553
  • Removed a sort from the MERGE cardinality check (Thanks, Anton!) #7558
  • Procedure to rewrite positional delete files (Thanks, Szehon!)
  • Mitigated FileIO closing problems (Thanks, Eduard!)
  • JDK 17 support was added
  • Support was dropped for:
  • Flink version 1.14
  • Spark version 2.4

PyIceberg updates

Exciting times for PyIceberg. We’re wrapping up the PyIceberg 0.4.0 release, which brings:

row_filter='passengers >= 3'

More information can be found on the project site, and the package is available on PyPI.

Iceberg in the industry

  • IBM supports Iceberg as part of WatsonX AI initiative
  • Starburst launches a new Iceberg page
  • Starburst adds support for Tabular

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