March 2023 — Iceberg Community News

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Iceberg updates

Apache Iceberg 1.2.0 was released on March 20th, 2023. The 1.2.0 release adds a variety of new features and bug fixes. Here is an overview:


  • Added AES GCM encryption stream spec (#5432)
  • Added support for Delta Lake to Iceberg table conversion (#6449, #6880)
  • Added support for position_deletes metadata table (#6365, #6716)
  • Added support for scan and commit metrics reporter that is pluggable through catalog (#6404, #6246, #6410)
  • Added support for branch commit for all operations (#4926, #5010)
  • Added FileIO support for ORC readers and writers (#6293)
  • Updated all actions to leverage bulk delete whenever possible (#6682)
  • Updated snapshot ID definition in Puffin spec to support statistics file reuse (#6272)
  • Added human-readable metrics information in files metadata table (#5376)


  • Added time range query support for changelog table (#6350)
  • Added changelog view procedure for v1 table (#6012)
  • Added support for storage partition joins to improve read and write performance (#6371)
  • Updated default Arrow environment settings to improve read performance (#6550)
  • Added aggregate pushdown support for min, max and count to improve read performance (#6622)
  • Updated default distribution mode settings to improve write performance (#6828, #6838)
  • Updated DELETE to perform metadata-only update whenever possible to improve write performance (#6899)
  • Improved predicate pushdown support for write operations (#6636)
  • Added support for reading a branch or tag through table identifier and VERSION AS OF (a.k.a. FOR SYSTEM_VERSION AS OF) SQL syntax (#6717, #6575)
  • Added support for writing to a branch through identifier or through write-audit-publish (WAP) workflow settings (#6965, #7050)
  • Added DDL SQL extensions to create, replace and drop a branch or tag (#6638, #6637, #6752, #6807)
  • Added UDFs for years, months, days and hours transforms (#6207, #6261, #6300, #6339)
  • Added partition related stats for add_files procedure result (#6797)


  • Added support for metadata tables (#6222)
  • Added support for read options in Flink source (#5967)
  • Added support for reading and writing Avro GenericRecord (#6557, #6584)
  • Added support for reading a branch or tag and write to a branch (#6660, #5029)
  • Added throttling support for streaming read (#6299)
  • Added support for multiple sinks for the same table in the same job (#6528)

Vendor Integrations

  • Added Snowflake catalog integration (#6428)
  • Added AWS sigV4 authentication support for REST catalog (#6951)
  • Added support for AWS S3 remote signing (#6169, #6835, #7080)
  • Updated AWS Glue catalog to skip table version archive by default (#6919)
  • Updated AWS Glue catalog to not require a warehouse location (#6586)


  • Upgraded ORC to 1.8.1 (#6349)
  • Upgraded Jackson to 2.14.1 (#6168)
  • Upgraded AWS SDK V2 to 2.20.18 (#7003)
  • Upgraded Nessie to 0.50.0 (#6875)

PyIceberg updates

  • Added Python support for metrics filtering (Fokko Driesprong)
  • Added Python support for startsWith (Luigi)
  • Removed Python legacy! (Python community)

More information can be found on the project site, and the installer can be found here

Iceberg in the industry

  • Cloudera has integrated Iceberg V1 support
  • Trino has added Iceberg improvements in release 409
  • iData has Iceberg support in their Pipeline product
  • CelerData adds Iceberg integration in V3
  • Snowflake Iceberg catalog support is now available

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